What’s your excuse for not starting a business?

A simple exercise to find your ideal niche to create your first digital product

Did you realize that even working at full-time job, you can still start your entrepreneurial journey with a simple digital product like an eBook or digital online course?

Using the existing knowledge you already have and investing as little as an hour a day, you can put together a basic digital product which you create once and then shift your focus on marketing and selling it.

Don’t know what product to create? Or do you have too many ideas and can’t pick one?

Try this simple exercise that I have my clients do:

Step 1:

Take out a blank sheet of paper and fold it into thirds vertically or draw two lines from the top to the bottom to give you three even columns.

At the top of each column, label the first one “Passions & Obsessions”, label the second one “Skills and Training” and the third one “Demographics”.

In the first column, write down all your passions and obsessions that you personally have. These would be the things that really get you excited and you just cant stop working on. Things you can’t stop thinking about.

In the second column, write down your skills and training. Perhaps its training you have received at work or you’ve taken on your own personally. Also write down the skills and knowledge you have. What did you go to school for? Any training or certifications you’ve received? Write them down in this column.

Now finally in the third column, write down some demographics. Demographics will be a type of audience, i.e. single parents, stay at home moms, full-time workers, gardeners, coaches, teen-age boys, etc.

Step 2:

To get some basic ideas for your digital product, feel free to mix and match items from the first column and second column. This called convergence. Which is a good thing!

Another way you could do is create a synthesis of all three columns, which includes your demographics. This gives you an idea for a specific audience.

Step 3:

Circle a few ideas and see which one lights you up the most and start with that idea for your product.

This should give you the stepping stone to get started, which is usually the hardest part when first starting out. Once you have this piece, you can move into validating and creating your product.

My online course, CreateWinningCourses.com teaches you the basics on getting started with your first digital information product and can help you get started even working on it part-time.

Let me know in the comments below what your digital product is going to be about!