A story I need to share with you about what happened this morning…

Just this morning when I was laying in bed sleeping, my daughter came in our room and tapped me on the shoulder and asked if we could go run out and grab some breakfast from Chik-Fil-A.

(They have some awesome egg and cheese biscuits by the way.)

Anyways, after a couple minutes, I hopped out of bed and got ready to head out with her.

Since it was still early in the morning, the temperature outside was absolutely gorgeous, like 75 degrees gorgeous! It’s my favorite kind of weather.

So I rolled down the windows and let the breeze flow right in.

We headed down route 30, which is a state highway that goes about 55 mph, then turned right onto Douglas Road which goes about 35 mph.

What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people that take that same route have a natural tendency to continue at the speed they were just at.

As we took our turn onto Douglas, I noticed a minivan tailgating me and riding up against my bumper trying to provoke me to speed up.

Now since I’m familiar with the area, I didn’t feel the need to speed up and plus she could’ve easily change lanes and passed me up.

Which she ended up doing.

Now, when she changed lanes, she accelerated in frustration and probably went back to 55 mph as she was doing on Route 30.

Ok, now when I looked up in the rearview mirror, I saw the inevitable….

Flashing lights from a police car who flew up behind her to pull her over.

Naturally, she either got a warning or a ticket, but it made me think.

Her accelerating was kind of like your journey in entrepreneurship.

We’re always in a hurry to get some results, make more money, or to get to our destination.

Why not just roll down the windows, go the speed limit, enjoy the weather, the view and of course the journey?

Here’s another thought…

Since I’ve taken that route many times before, I know what to avoid and where I should be slowing down.

She obviously has never taken this route before, hence the reason she didn’t even know that she was about to turn onto a road with that has police everywhere looking out for people that are speeding. (I seriously think they are just trying to hit their monthly ticket quotas)

What’s even more interesting is that I see the same thing happen with a good mentor guiding his students safely to their journey.

A good mentor helps with the traps that you should be avoiding and giving you the go-ahead on where you can open up and be free.

I guess the lesson I want you to get out of this story is simply this…

Enjoy the weather, find a good mentor to guide you and make your journey as an entrepreneur a more enjoyable one and of course help you avoid the costly mistakes of business (or getting a speeding ticket).

If you’re looking to get unstuck from where you’re at or need me to be your compass as you navigate through your entrepreneurial journey, then I want you to take the first step and book some time with me to see if we could be a good fit for each other.

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