​​The tragedy of the entrepreneur (Part ​2)

​Today, I have some very sad news.

There was a ​young man, about 4-5 years ago who had a brilliant idea that he came up with back then.

He told a few close friends about it and they shared their thoughts and positive feedback on the idea.

He heard people mention that people need it and that he should pursue it.

It's been almost 5 years now and unfortunately, I'm saddened to say.

His idea has died.

If he had only taken action on it and even taken one step towards making it happen.

Perhaps many of us would have been able to be part of that great idea, which could have helped us in some way or made a difference in our lives.

This poor brother didn't have the right guidance, the right road-map, or even the right blueprint.

He was caught up in just trying to figure out what his next step should be, but he never made it.

The idea never made it out of his head.

He would like and follow all the gurus out there, with one telling him to build a list, another telling him about creating landing pages, and another talking about funnels!

He was absolutely overwhelmed with all the information out there so he simply gave up.

He gave up on his idea.

He gave up on his dreams.

He gave up on his family.

He gave up on the people who needed his idea.

He gave up on HIMSELF

​Lets take a moment to reflect and think about how bad do we want to reach our goals, achieve our dreams and not give up.

So how do you put those great ideas to work?

​The good news is that this doesn't have to be you.