The Ugly Truth About Launching Your Coaching Business (Part 1)

How you could be over-complicating your journey in business and ​how to avoid a t​ragic ending.

​​Have you ever watched one of those animal shows where herds of elephants roam around in the beautiful fields of nature?

These herds like to stick together and roam free.

Now imagine the elephants are on the move looking for a place to get refreshed to quench their parched palates.

They're on the search for some water, a pond, a river or even a simple stream.

The herd encompasses all sizes from the small and the super ginormous, and age ranges of the species from the very young to the very old, including the different experience levels from the newborns to the experienced leaders.

Gracefully and majestically these amazing creatures continue their search for their refreshment of the day or perhaps for some, the week.

With their gentle strides, enjoying the air and the warmth of the sun.

They learn from each other and grow with each other and try to work to stick with each other.​​​​

It's the afternoon and the herd comes across a stream of water.

It's what they've been looking for all along.

However, by the time they've arrived most of the water has either been consumed, evaporated from the heat of the sun or soaked into the soil, turning it into soft mud.​​​​​​

Being greedy and impatience, wanting to quench its thirst, the newborn heads for the ​​muddy sludge targeting what's left of the elements of H20.

Watching in despair are the elders, knowing that you cannot just walk straight into the muddy sludge without scoping out the areas around.

They search for dry spots that will get them closer to the body of water so they don't take the risk of getting stuck in the mud like our little newborn just did in this story.

​Yes, the newborn because of its inexperience is now stuck in the mud.

​​She thought she knew exactly what she wanted and needed, but lacked the experience to get her to her goal.

Standing there almost motionless​​, trying to understand on her own on how to get out of this mess she got herself into.

She probably feels a bit helpless.

​​Maybe this sounds familiar? I know I've felt like this in the past.

She calls out for help the only way she knows how.

Behind the watching crowd emerges an elder. The experienced one.

He reaches out to her, with the majestic reach of his immensely powerful trunk​​​​​​.

Wrapping his trunk around her belly to give her just enough of a lift to get out of the sticky mess that she thought she could handle.

She gets free.

Now if the newborn had not taken that first step of calling out for help the moment she realized she was stuck, who knows how long she would have been struggling, tiring herself out and perhaps eventually left there in her demise?

But because she took the first step, there was someone there to help, show her how it’s done and help her get unstuck.