Dear Mr. Sheep, I’d love to have you for dinner.

Dear Mr. Sheep,

I see you posting in groups asking questions and trying to learn.

Then I see you responding back with comments from regurgitated information.

While the advice you may give might be good, the question is was it theoretical or was it practical?

Here’s what I see, you’re looking for guidance.

You’re too afraid to ask the right people and you’re too afraid to get yourself a damn coach.

What you really need is someone who can give you a swift kick in the butt to keep you on point and focused. Giving you the right advice at the right time when you need it.

Do you really think football, baseball, hockey or any other athletes you can think of become a success being their best on their own.

Heck no!

They took a serious look inside and told their inner self, “I’m ready to really make a change”.

Could they do it themselves?


But can they do it in a fraction of the time by themselves, absolutely not.

My friend, what you are is a sheep.

Yes a sheep.

You know the kind that walks around aimlessly, saying “Baa Baa Baa”?

Yeah. The sheep is content with where they are and what they do.

They wander aimlessly gracing the fields and stay confined in a fenced in area.

How exciting is that?

Personally, I think its boring.

My friend. Look inside and ask yourself, “Do I want to be a sheep for the rest of my life?”

I’m a caring person.

I want you know something. I really believe in you. But I can’t make you change.

You have to change from within.

I want you to be a wolf. No actually, I want you to be a LION!

If I’m wrong, which I am sometimes, then move on, entrepreneurship is NOT for you.

I classify you as a dreamer. A sheep that dreams.

You know what happens to sheep that dream?

They get eaten by the lion.

If you’re ready to be a lion, you need to think like a lion and act like a lion.

My advice, get yourself a coach. Any coach.

What the heck did you just say?

I just heard you.

Did you just say you can’t afford it?

I’m sorry, I heard you say that you weren’t worth it.


You don’t think you’re worth getting a coach, investing in yourself, making an impact, making a difference for yourself or for your family?

Come on, give me a break.

Pick up the phone, send off an email or even PM a coach you’ve been dying to work with.

I promise it will be a life changer.

One more thing, if you haven’t contacted your dream coach by the time you’ve read this sentence, I just want to let you know….

I eat my sheep raw.

So move over Mr. Sheep, because this lion is hungry.