Why your prospects don’t want your free coaching calls

As a coach, one of your goals should always be to get as many people to schedule a strategy or discovery call with you.

But did you know that a simple lead magnet like a checklist, one-page guide or ebook will actually yield more opt-ins than a prospect scheduling a call?

These are small details that as coaches we should always be testing. These things make a big difference to your bottom line and monthly goals.

Another reminder I’ll add which goes hand in hand is measurements. Be sure your tracking where your leads are coming from so you know which marketing efforts you need to amplify and which ones you need to drop or optimize.

If you’re trying to get people on a call before you’ve even warmed them up, then you’re really burning through your leads.

Focus on getting them to know you first, then they will warm up and start to develop a liking for you (as long as your message resonates with them), and finally, they will begin to trust you and be more receptive to getting on a call to see if you’re a good fit.

I hope this helps you think about things in a slightly different way if you’ve been struggling.