One Overlooked Method Of Getting More Sales

Did you know the trick to getting more juice out of lemon for significantly less work is to use the microwave?


Cookery expert Monaz Dumasia says that microwaving a whole lemon for 20 seconds before cutting and squeezing it would loosen the fruit and allow more juice to come out.


It also makes the lemon softer and easier to squeeze, so you don’t have to grip it quite as hard to feel like you’re really getting all those last droplets out of there.


Pretty cool right?


Today’s email isn’t really about lemons, but it is about a great strategy on getting more sales.


Let’s dive in…


What can I do to get more sales?


One of the most asked questions when business owners are trying to grow their business.


The solution is actually quite simple and often overlooked.


Focus on your existing clients if you want to boost sales.


Shift your focus from getting new customers to existing ones and learn how to keep them coming back.


By not ignoring your proven customers, you are able to boost your sales.


Marketing can increase sales, but it can’t lead to greater sales.


That’s if you tend to only focus on new customers and fail to focus on maximizing your existing customers.


Ask questions and listen


“Oftentimes, your prospect will withhold information from you that they don’t think is pertinent to the conversation, but the more you know about your prospect and the intricacies of their company, the better chance you have of showing value.” – Josh Gillespie.


When you talk to a prospect, ask questions as if they already bought your product or service.


Don’t ask them whether they’d like to buy, but how they will be paying.


Ask whether they’ll use your product or service at home or at work.


Showcase your full potential


When you share results with your prospective customers, it allows them to see how you might be able to help them.


As a result, they’re more likely to buy what you’re selling because of their ability to see results.


This is when customer testimonials come in handy. (wink wink)


Stand out


Finding a product or service to solve a problem or fill a need is easier now than in the days of old.


You can do an internet search or ask friends or use the social media platforms you trust.


So, it is crucial for your message to stand out from the rest so that your prospects will look to you to solve their needs.


A good first impression is crucial to gaining your customers’ trust and loyalty.


The message must speak to them: what is the pain they’re feeling (even if they don’t know that’s their pain yet)?


Your message must be persuasive and actionable.


Don’t fear giving away too much upfront


You have to get paid for your time and knowledge, sure.


Many businesses, especially those in the professional service industries, don’t educate enough upfront.


Sharing more information upfront enables your customers to make their own decisions.


This actually makes them feel closer to your business


…and builds trust.


Understand what motivates your customers to buy


Invest time in learning what motivates your customers (or prospects).


Learn their needs, challenges, concerns, and fears.


Invest time in serving them first, and get better customers in return.


Research your customers to make them better educated during the sales process. People buy because they have pain or a need. Solve your customer’s pain, and you will have a better chance at making the sale.


Push for a decision


Indecision is the worst place for salespeople to be.


It’s frustrating and leaves you in limbo, not knowing whether the customer is (or will ever be) ready to buy. When you know that prospects have enough information to make a decision, push them to make one.


During your next sales meeting with a prospect, don’t pitch them on buying from you – ask for a conclusion.


There’s a difference.


And regardless of what they decide, find ways to serve them.



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