Nothing changes if nothing changes

The other night I was chatting with a brother and just catching up. During the conversation a brief topic sparked a disturbing incident of something that happened a couple of summers ago.

One summer, my daughter started to sneeze a lot during the summer time and it got to the point where it was unbearable.

My wife and I finally decided to take her to the doctor to see what she could suggest or prescribe so she could feel some comfort and to be able to play outside with her friends.

That day the doctor made her recommendation and we picked up a prescription from the pharmacy later that afternoon.

What followed in the next week was something none of us expected.

The new medication that was prescribed totally changed her personality!

My daughter wasn’t this sweet little girl anymore! 

She kept feeling like she hated us but didn’t know why, had a temper issue, felt depressed.

It was insane!.

It wasn’t our little girl anymore.

We thought it was just a phase of just growing up.

We made duas, researched on Google and talked to friends.

We tried almost everything.

One friend suggested we take her to a therapist because her behavior got so bad.

Then during the first session the therapist asked us the usual questions just to get to know her and her typical personality, but she also had asked if she started any new medication because sometimes the meds can have a psychological effect.

Both my wife and I looked at each other and said OMG!

What the therapist was describing was exactly what we were going through.

We immediately took her off the medications and our little girl was back after just a couple of days!

The same thing happens when you’re trying something new, whether is building a new business, trying out a new strategy or learning a new skill.

If we had never decided to take her off the medication, she would have continued on the path with results we didn’t want.

Once we decided to make the change, we got the results we were looking and hoping for.

So if you haven’t been getting the results you’ve been hoping for, then it might be time for a change in what you’re currently doing.