How I got my start in the field of Information Technology

What piqued my interest in information technology

I have always had an innate curiosity with they way technology worked. Whether it was a transistor radio back in the 80s or my first PC my parents brought home for me.

Something inside me was always curious how these things worked. I was curious what made them tick and what would happen if I took it apart and put it back together again. I actually did do that with my very first computer my parents bought me, all torn apart at the end of the week! Fortunate for me, I think I have a natural understanding of how they seem to work. I sometimes feel like I know what the technology is thinking.

Over the decades I have gone through multiple iterations of computers, followed up with curiosity on networking when I had to share out our home Internet connection with my sister in her room. Yes, this was before wireless and when the days of technology were so much simpler.

No time to slow down when it comes to technology

As time and technology progressed over the years, so did my curiosity and passion. As you may already know, technology moves fast and I have always felt that if I didn’t keep up with technology, I was irrelevant. Something inside me just drives me to know and learn the latest there is with technology.

My passion over the years expanded to other sub technologies such as desktops, laptops, wireless, hardware, software, Web Development, WordPress CMS systems, and now social media. I might even be labeled as a jack of all trades and master of none. However, I do feel I do a good job of making recommendations and coming up with solutions to a problem related to technology merely because of my personal experience.

The “safe” approach

Talking to some people over the years I realized that they sometimes like to take the “safe” approach with technology and play the sit and wait game. They like to see what technology others are using and when they finally are ready to adopt to it, they realize there is something newer, faster and better that just came out. It is the nature of the business but as I mentioned before I like to be ahead of that curve.

I think for me living on the leading edge of technology helps me better informed on what is coming down the pipeline and offer better recommendation and make more informed strategic decisions when planning for future technology updates and upgrades. There are times when I have have to err on the side of caution, but most of the time I go with my gut instinct and it has served me well.