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Dear reader,

Let me be honest here... I seriously thought about not revealing this “Little Black Book”. Actually, I wouldn't even consider it a book, I would call it a simple shortcut that will boost your authority sky high, find and attract more clients than you can handle...

...All within 24 hours after you’ve put it into action (don’t be surprised if your bank calls to ask what’s going on).

So, why did I consider keeping this secret to myself?

I’m embarrassed to admit but... I was scared. Yes, scared.

I was scared you wouldn’t need my advice anymore. Scared you wouldn’t need my consultation services again. Scared that revealing this simple secret would literally put me out of business by giving away the farm.

If you're looking to “fast track” your way to becoming a client-generating machine… this will… without doubt… be the most electrifying message you’ll ever read!

Check out how cool this is:

If you're like me, then you've probably ...

  • Bought every "how to make money on the internet" program under the sun. Only to find out that almost all of them are a complete waste of time and money.
  • Become sick and tired of all the gurus telling everyone how easy it is to "get a flood of business overnight" especially when you've been trying for years with little or no results!
  • Been given advice from so-called "experts" that either flat out didn't work or produced pathetic results. Obviously they keep their best secrets to themselves!

Bottom line is this: If you've tried to make money and get clients on the internet before ... but failed miserably — then stay here and read this letter, because I've got some great news for you!

But first, let me make sure you’re clear on one thing…

This is NOT simply a lead generation “book”. It’s more.

Its a brand new end-to-end guide on how you can successfully find and attract new leads on the Internet quickly and a lot easier. This is the only one of its kind and contains brand new information that I have never shared before.

The results you’ll get from this are not typical. You might make more money than I did or less ...or even none. It all depends on the effort you put into it.

So here’s the deal: I’ve put together a power-packed book of 57 pages that will teach you everything you need to know on how to find and attract ideal clients and customers for your online business!

You can read this book in less than an hour and I can assure you that you’ll never have to read or watch videos about this subject ever again. Because this book will teach you all you need to know even if you’ve never tried lead generation for your business before.

WARNING - DO NOT let other people in your market see this before you. If they use it against you, you’re hosed.

Imagine...A Calendar Full Of New Prospects In A Few Hours From Now!

But I'd recommend that you jump on this opportunity now, before your competitors beat you to it and capture the market with their own lead generating machine.

Hi, my name is Faisal Farooqui.

I’m a computer guy, turned online business strategist.

I’m the guy that coaches, consultants, and experts come to when they need help getting their offers to convert and grow their sales.

Many of the experts you see today have at one point worked with me...

Like MyFundAction, Productive Muslim, Acepreneur Copywriting, GIFTY Advertising and dozens more.

Since I started applying what I learned, I've helped more than 97 motivated business owners grow their business,  create digital products, and built an online community of over 4000 members.  

Fact is…

With clients like that and students in dozens of different countries…

I've seen every different types of businesses under the sun.

So, I know what works to generate new clients and sales...

And more importantly I know that certain organic business development strategies are working right now like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

They’re what I use to help my private clients get more high-value leads every single day!

Now, for many of you, the idea of getting people desperate to work with you every day might be a stretch...

It was for me.

Today, I no longer think that because something happened that changed my entire perspective...

A single wild social media experiment that unexpectedly led me to over 50 leads in one day... and impact more lives than I ever thought possible!

"Stop pouring money down the drain with paid ads, enough is enough!"

Introducing...The Little Black Book of Client Attraction Secrets

On these Incredible Idea Generating Pages, You’ll Learn…

  • The “12 Tips On How To Get Clients Without Using Paid Ads” your competitors don't want you to know and how you can strategically exploit them to snatch customers from them.
  • The five simple little-known steps you must implement right now to start driving in sales like crazy!
  • Are you bashing your head on your computer trying to figure out how to get clients? You'll quickly learn new ways to find your perfect clients. (Hint: They're right under your nose)
  • The one secret Internet gurus don’t want you to know about that you can easily apply today to get buying prospects from social media without spending a penny on costly ads!
  • The amazing "Content Crusher" method that will show you how to turn one piece of content into seven! 
  • Paid ads are the only way to run a real business, right? WRONG! This book breaks that myth.
  • What you must do immediately when a prospect gets hooked on your offer
  • The sneaky ways to get your perfect client into your circle of influence without spamming
  • The single most important thing you'll ever need to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • How to boost your conversions by 102% with less than 3 simple tweaks
  • WARNING: Your #1 asset is in extreme danger! Why you should these steps immediately to look like an "internet celebrity"
  • PLUS - so many more new jam-packed ideas on attracting and finding all the clients you can handle!

But now, the big question…

What’s The Cost And Why Should You Order Today? I’ll Tell You Why…

You might be thinking right now, there are so many benefits, this book must cost a fortune... But here’s a shocker!

The cost of the book is only $37.00…

Yeah you heard me right, with just $37.00 you’ll get this incredible packed book as a PDF sent instantly to you after your purchase.

The potential I’m unleashing with this book could cost me profits in the long term and with that in mind I’ve decided to sell a limited quantity for a “test run”.

What this means is that just a selected number of people would be lucky enough to get this. Once I hit the number I’m aiming for, I’ll raise the price up and that’s it!

OK, I’m nearly done, but I want to make a last-ditch of effort to convince you. So I’ve pulled together a ‘Super benefit’ you probably never saw coming.

Here it is…

As a bonus, you’re going to get a brand new training on setting up your own "Invisible Funnel" for lead attraction!

You'll get to look over my shoulder and see how it's done.

Here’s the kicker:

It so simple, yet new and seasoned entrepreneurs are not even doing it!

And that's just the beginning...

This shortcut gives you the advantage you've been waiting for.

In it you'll learn:

The largely overlooked easy method to automatically scale your advertising… without the use of any fancy software or paid ads!

The underground tactic to getting the perfect clients into your circle so they instantly gain your trust, and buy your products and services.

Now for the bad news: I don’t know how long I’ll offer this… but I do know that the number of people that will get this book at this price will be limited.

And because I am selling this book at such a low price, I may not even break even.

So if I really can’t make profits I’ll have to pull this offer down.

Regardless of the fact that you’re paying such a little amount for the secrets this book has to offer, I intend to cancel out every doubt you might have by offering you this…

I had been struggling with my business over the last few months. I had a conversation with Faisal and he quickly managed to identify things that I was doing wrong and gave me invaluable ideas and tips to move me forward. Thank you so much Faisal for all your help.


App Developer

It gets even better...

Get The Book Right Now And
Receive These 4 New Bonuses FREE!

Bonus 1:

How to easily set up an "Invisible Funnel" for client attraction

I'll walk you through the key things you need to focus on and the core strategy for attracting high quality clients at scale.

We'll look at the perfect way to position yourself as an authority and expert and "naturally" have your ideal client fall into your circle of influence!

“Seeing is believing” and all that, and if seeing how simple these things are as an example motivates you to create one of your own, you’ll love this bonus.


Bonus 2: 
Turning your website into a "prospect converter"

If you've ever wondered why your website isn't converting or if it could do better, you'll love this bonus. It's so simple, anyone can do this.

In this training you'll learn:

  • How to fine tune your core messaging so you attract clients like bees to pollen
  • Smarter ways to get visitors to take action and which ones to avoid
  • The secret to capturing more "quality" leads that only the experts use
  • A simple trick used by high-ticket copywriters to build trust so people buy
  • "Fine-tune" your million dollar message so your client feels you're speaking directly to them. (Yes! There's a fill-in-the-blank formula for that!)

These "ethical selling methods of persuasion" will delight anyone who wants to close a lot of sales while sleeping peacefully at night knowing they sold their stuff the right way.


Bonus 3: 

Writing the "Perfect Message" that make your sales pages convert

If your business is online and have a product or service to sell, then you'll really love this bonus.

I've compiled some of the best and most common issues high-ticket copywriters look for when fixing broken sales pages.

In this value-packed training, you'll learn:

  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when building your sale page
  • A simple secret to high converting call to actions
  • How you can write really good copy with only two simple formulas
  • A walkthrough of a super-easy 3-step high converting sales funnel

You won't want to miss this training!

Are you ready to fix your sales pages that suck (money) and turn them into cash generating machines?


Bonus 4: Masterclass

Become a "Magnetic" Influencer and slay Imposter Syndrome forever

In this masterclass learn what it takes to become a Magnetic Influencer in your niche and say goodbye to the dreaded Imposter Syndrome.

In this masterclass training, you'll learn:

  • How to position yourself as an authority online quickly
  • Ways to connect with your audience so they throw their wallets at you
  • How to bring in fresh leads and build an engaged following on social media
  • Discover the "Magic of the Power of One"...The one thing you must master to succeed

    You won't want to miss this training!


In a nutshell, you'll get the "Little Black Book of Client Attraction Secrets", 3 amazing bonuses, an exclusive masterclass, all the new strategies, hours of training, fill in the blank formulas, and much more!

FOR ONLY $37.00 USD 

His business approach also includes the effective usage of online marketing, advertising and learning materials / digital products; a sphere that most coaches do not harness within their programs because they do not have the depth of understanding and proven results in the area.

ali ashraf

Copywriter and Content Creation Expert

At the beginning of our call I had to lay out all my frustrations which Faisal kindly listened and attempted to assist with. After that Faisal came up with some strategies to add an income stream to my business. To be honest I've heard of the strategies before but never had someone break it down, provide ideas, dig deeper, remove barriers or doubts that many of us would have. I've only had one call with Faisal but I sense the return of investment from his time is fantastic.

Ramzi Abu Yusuf

Digital Marketer

If anyone needs any business advice or guidance then I strongly recommend contacting Faisal Farooqui. I'm still buzzing from an amazing life-changing call I had yesterday. His knowledge and experience in business shines through and he never holds back from giving tonnes of value

Nabila Ahmed

Business Coach for Women

I was stuck with my blog and digital product plans without knowing what to do next. Faisal guided me to a clear roadmap and helped me understand all the necessary steps. He has the deep expertise and knowledge to guide you through all the steps at any stage of your digital journey. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a mentor in this field.


Digital Product Entrepreneur

I entered the call with Faisal looking for clarity and focus on my business. Throughout the call, Faisal listened gave me honest feedback and came up with lots of great ideas and suggestions. I definitely feel I have a clearer direction now.


Confidence Coach For Women

My Unconditional, Risk-Free,
365 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Trying one of the lead generation secrets you’re about to discover would pay for this tiny $37 investment over and over again.


I get that you don’t know me. And, honestly, at just $37, I don’t see much value in writing out a big, long 10,000-word page to answer all your questions and objections.

So, let do this:

Here is my 365-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied with The Little Black Book of Client Attraction Secrets just let me know, and I’ll give you a refund. I’m easy to reach with an email. Here’s the address:

You don’t have to try it today.

You have a year to try it.

Get access to The Little Black Book of Client Attraction Secrets while it’s still $37 and put it away for when you need it!

Even if it’s not for you a year from now, let me know. Sound fair?

Obviously, that guarantee is beyond fair.

So here’s the real question:

Are you ready to take action or are you still letting doubt stop you?

Don’t let your doubts stop you from the endless possibilities and wisdom this book brings you. It’s a no brainer deal you’re getting. Take action now before the price changes (which can happen anytime).

Now...You Have ONLY 3 Options:

Look, honestly, I think have only 3 options in front of you:

  1. You don't think that lead generation is the right thing that can help you boost your sales. In that case, I respect your opinion. Just close the page and have a fantastic day.

  2. You KNOW that ability to generate leads and turning those leads into customers is key to growing your business. But you want to learn all of that on your own. And yes thats great. But, it usually takes 1-3 years to learn it, but I want to assure you that it's the most valuable skill you can learn in business

  3. You KNOW that having your own automatic lead machine can help you grow your business, but you don't want to spend 1-3 years learning it before you start selling. In that case, the Little Black Book of Client Attraction Secrets is your SHORTCUT to generating leads and customers like clockwork. Grab the book, read it from beginning to end, and get ready to crush it!

Faisal has been instrumental in helping me form a strategy for better engaging my audience. As a result of this, it helped my brand establish authority much better and faster than would normally be expected. I owe a lot to Faisal's insight and can't wait to get more ideas from him. A word of note. He will really push you out of your comfort zone, but if you want big results, you have to have a big push.


Business Strategist

Faisal Farooqui

P.S. Still skeptical?

I understand, so here’s what I suggest to further ease your doubts.

Order the book, go through the first 10 pages, and if you don’t like it, email me instantly to get your money back.

It’s that simple and there’s no catch to this.