How to lose motivation for a $600k business

Have you ever had that feeling sometimes when you’re in the groove, things are going well and all the sudden, you wake up one day and you don’t know where that passion just kind of went?

Today I want to share a story with you.

Yesterday I was on a call with a man, who at the age of 22, created an app business and built this thing up to almost $600,000 of a business.

He also told me he created this app business because he loved the challenge.

He said he loved the challenge trying to solve a problem with an app and be able to create something out of basically nothing, to solve a problem.

In addition to that, he had about five or six employees working for him creating apps and really build a pretty successful business for himself.

So out of curiosity I asked him so what was his incentive at that point what was pushing him.

He said that his motivation really was money.

It was the fame.

It was the recognition,

and the chance to buy whatever he wanted.

Then he went on to tell me that 5 years later, his passion died.

I asked him, what he did in that 5 years with the money and he said used that money to pay off some debts, buy property and that’s about it.

So I asked him if there was anything else that motivated to create that kind of a business to build that business up so big so successfully and he said now he ran out of ideas on what really motivated him.

The reason we got on the call was because he was struggling, he was struggling with the motivation that he once had.

So if he had nothing bigger as his “Why”, other than money, recognition, and fame I can understand how that can quickly get old.

He was even at the point where he wanted to leave his mobile app business.

He wanted to close the doors and just call it quits.

So I asked him,

“What if you had a new why?”

“What if you had a new reason for this app Business?”

“What if you had a BIGGER why?”

“What if you had something that would fill this void and that would give you a bigger purpose in life and make you feel good at the same time?”

So he sounded pretty interested in and was curious on what I was where I was going with this.

I think many of us fall into the same trap how a business motivates us but if your motivation is even bigger than you, that can help you maintain that motivation, that energy, that excitement that you once had in your business.

We start into a business looking for that money, looking for that fame, looking to still get that recognition for something you made or some kind of a launch we did or even some kind of a product we created.

The fact of the matter is, you need to have a really strong motivation, a really strong “Why”, a really strong incentive on why we do our business, why we are creating this business.

So what I suggested to him is to take that money that he’s built with this app business, and consider it a resource.

My suggestion to him was take a look at areas in his country since he was coming from a poor country where he can actually help other people.

I told him to go to the poorest parts of the poorest towns of that country and see how he could help the underprivileged kids, the underprivileged families, the people that cannot work, the people that cannot go to school, the people that cannot eat, the people that cannot drink clean water.

Go find them let them know that you’re there to help them.

The point I wanted to make to him was to use the money as a resource, to maybe build wells to build small schools, to buy kids books so they can get an education build a small masjid so people could worship over there.

Build something or create a environment for them where they can actually feel like they are privileged maybe even buy people clothes.

Perhaps even feed them for Ramadan, all of these are basically investments in your future and in the hereafter.

So think about this when you’re building your business and when you’re running your business.

What is your “why?”

Comment below and let me know what motivated you to go into entrepreneurship for yourself!