Effectively transform your coaching skills into a self-regulating, income generating business in 6 months or less. If you’re overwhelmed with technology, this is where you gain freedom – permanently!

Get the exclusive 'industry insider' tips, strategies and deals that aren't readily available online. You'll save time and hassle!

Once or twice a month, I’ll share some great tips that you can use to help grow, optimize and run your coaching business better.

A few ways I can help

30 Minute Discovery

This is the perfect place to start and for us to get to know each other better. It’s kind like going on a first date and to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Get the Coaches Toolbox

Wouldn’t you want to know and use some of the best tools that successful coaches use in their business? Grab the list here.

The Roadmap

If you’re ready to roll with your membership or course program and just want my brain to pick, then this two-hour intensive call is the perfect fit. Ask me anything on our call!

Thought leadership

Armed with decades of rich practical experience in the business, technology and marketing industries, I have witnessed the rise and fall of entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. My grassroots understanding of the dynamics in each of these industries has become my forte.

Creating assets, harnessing resources and generating profits for my clients is second nature to me.

Together we will dramatically improve the most crucial aspects of your online business journey. I introduce industry-centric strategies, the best proactive knowledge and tried-tested methods to planting, growing and enjoying the fruits of hard work that you deserve.

Immersive, personalized guidance.

Effective, most results-centric approach to wealth creation yet. The fuel to your fire. And your journey will look every bit as an achievement as your ambitions have made it out – till now.

This is you. This is amazing. And I’m here to see that it stays that way.

Monetizing Knowledge >>> Creating Leads at Will >> Building Something Great.

And that greatness is the business you’ll build through the power of your own mind. Selling what you already know – packaged for mass consumption. And destined for lucrative income streams; as many as you’d like. Anywhere and anytime. The world is your oyster and all it takes is you on a laptop, sitting near the waves – somewhere.

What others are saying

His business approach also includes the effective usage of online marketing, advertising and learning materials / digital products; a sphere that most coaches do not harness within their programs because they do not have the depth of understanding and proven results in the area.
Ali Ash
Copywriter & Content Expert
I was petrified at all the technology I would need and put off from even trying until I worked with Faisal. He literally made a what seemed impossible, understandable, bite sized, and actionable.
Nazma Khatun
If anyone needs any business advice or guidance then I strongly recommend contacting Faisal Farooqui. I'm still buzzing from an amazing life-changing call I had yesterday. His knowledge and experience in business shines through and he never holds back from giving tonnes of value.
Sara Ahmed
Life Coach
I entered the call with Faisal looking for clarity and focus on my business. Throughout the call, Faisal listened gave me honest feedback and came up with lots of great ideas and suggestions. I definitely feel I have a clearer direction now.
Hafsah Adham
Confidence Coach For Women
I was stuck with my blog and digital product plans without knowing what to do next. Faisal guided me to a clear roadmap and helped me understand all the necessary steps. He has the deep expertise and knowledge to guide you through all the steps at any stage of your digital journey. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a mentor in this field.
Habeeb Ayiroor
Digital Product Entrepreneur
I had been struggling with my business over the last few months. I had a conversation with Faisal and he quickly managed to identify things that I was doing wrong and gave me invaluable ideas and tips to move me forward. Thank you so much Faisal for all your help.
Mahfuz Yousif
App Developer
Faisal has been instrumental in helping me form a strategy for better engaging my audience. As a result of this, it helped my brand establish authority much better and faster than would normally be expected. I owe a lot to Faisal's insight and can't wait to get more ideas from him. A word of note. He will really push you out of your comfort zone, but if you want big results, you have to have a big push.
Khuram Malik
Business Strategist
Faisal gave me one idea to help me scale my business, free up my time and that has given me time to now work on my business instead of in my business. He's on my favorites list. Thank you Faisal!
Jafar Rizvi
App & Web Developer
I tried so many new things when I was trying to build my brand and get exposure and was struggling to get traction. Faisal has been a great deal of help when I was in process of creating my clients' brand and public image. He also helped me solve some of the critical issues with social presence and visibility. He is definitely a highly valuable mentor who has made me see by brand like no other.
Farhan Syed
Digital Marketing Agency

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