We help brands generate $500-900 more in sales per day.

Hi, I’m Faisal.

I’m the Founder, CEO, and Business Strategist of F2 Consulting.

Over the years, business owners kept reaching out to me because they all shared a common problem:

They had an email list and website… but they didn’t know the RIGHT way to monetize it.

They knew they had money waiting for them in these assets… but they wanted to market in a way that didn’t scare off their customers, cause massive unsubscribes, OR burn out their list.

That’s why I founded F2 Consulting, an agency that specializes in helping companies grow and scale with email marketing.

We’re on a mission to help our clients grow their revenue (and profit) without burning out their lists or scaring off their customers. And we’d like to help you, too.

Some of the Awesome Clients We’ve Worked With


The Freshest Strategies That Produce Results

If you have a decent-sized email list and a good offer… you could be sitting on a mountain of untapped revenue.

Persuasive Copy

Marketing is no longer about sending customers promotions and discounts, its about making a real human connection that turns them into a customer for life.

Marketing Campaign

When businesses are ready to scale, that’s when automation and systems really can help a business take-off and realize it’s true potential.

Business Strategy

Savvy business owners know good marketing is about testing, tweaking, and optimizing what works and analyzing what doesn’t. We focus on winning.

Khuram Malik

Business Strategist

“Faisal has been instrumental in helping me form a strategy for better engaging my audience. Because of this, it helped my brand establish authority much better and faster than would normally be expected. I owe a lot to Faisal's insight and can't wait to get more ideas from him. A word of note. He will really push you out of your comfort zone, but if you want big results, you have to have a big push.”

About Us

Our superpower is building systems that make money while you sleep.

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Ramzi Yusuf

Online Entrepreneur

“At the beginning of our call I had to lay out all my frustrations which Faisal kindly listened and attempted to assist with. After that, Faisal came up with some strategies to add an additional income stream to my business. To be honest, I've heard of the strategies before but never had someone break it down, provide ideas, dig deeper, remove barriers or doubts that many of us would have. I've only had one call with Faisal, but sense the return of investment from his time is fantastic.”

Here’s Who We Can Help

It would be great if we could say we could help everybody, but we can’t.

Our team can get really good results for businesses who meet certain criteria:

  1. You’ve must have an email list.
  2. You need to have products people actually like (and buy). We don’t work with companies that sell gambling, alcohol, or pork products. 
  3. You’ve gotta be making some money. We can’t build your business from scratch for you. Otherwise, we’d just build it for ourselves.
  4. You gotta be cool. If you’ve ever been described as a sociopath or an ego-maniac… then we don’t wanna work with you. We’re pretty easy-going and we like to have a good time with our clients. Life is short and our work should be fun.  So as long as you’re cool, we’re cool.