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Hey, I'm Faisal.

I’m a computer guy, turned online business strategist.

I always loved computers and still do, but a few years ago I found out I had a new growing interest in helping businesses with their internet and online marketing.

It wasn’t until I discovered my new found passion, I unlocked the most important piece so many businesses struggle with, the techie and marketing stuff and thought to myself, “HEY! I can help people with this.”

Since I started applying what I learned, I helped more than 97 motivated business owners, creating digital products, built an online community of over 4000 members and became a thought leader and an in-demand online business strategist.

– Faisal Farooqui

What The TOP Online Businesses Are Saying About Faisal

"His business approach also includes the effective usage of online marketing, advertising and learning materials / digital products; a sphere that most coaches do not harness within their programs because they do not have the depth of understanding and proven results in the area."​
Ali Ashraf
“I just want to say my experience with Faisal has been nothing short of amazing so far, and eye opening. I didn't know about digital product businesses, I am excited about creating my first digital product and learning more from Faisal.”
Abdirahman Farah
“I entered the call with Faisal looking for clarity and focus with my business. Throughout the call, Faisal listened, gave me honest feedback and came up with lots of great ideas and suggestions. Alhamdulilaah lots for me to think about and I definitely feel I have a clearer direction now. JazakhAllaah for your time and great advice!”
Hafsa Adam
“At the begining of our call I had to lay out all my frustrations which Faisal kindly listened and attempted to assist with. After that Faisal came up with some strategies to add an income stream to my business. To be honest I've heard of the strategies before but never had someone break it down, provide ideas, dig deeper, remove barriers or doubts that many of us would have. I've only had one call with Faisal but I sense the return of investment from his time is fantastic.”
Ramzi Abu Yusuf
“If anyone needs any business advice or guidance then I strongly recommend contacting Faisal Farooqui. I'm still buzzing from an amazing life-changing call I had yesterday. His knowledge and experience in business shines through and he never holds back from giving tonnes of value”
Nabila Ahmed

Why The One-Page Client Attraction System is the easiest way to start your business!

What you're gonna discover in the One-Page Client Attraction System:


It's critical to know who you are serving and who your audience is. With a clear picture of your ideal client, you'll be able to attract the perfect clients you love to work with.


What makes YOU stand out from the crowd? How are you, your business and product different? When you identify your uniqueness, the competition is eliminated.


Coming up with the perfect offer for whom you are serving makes it easier for your audience to buy from you. We help you build, multiple levels of products too.


Learn how to create the perfect attraction elements so your ideal client comes directly to you for the problem they need help solving. Getting this piece right is key.


When you position yourself just right in the marketplace, it makes it easier for your to build the KLT (know, like and trust). People buy from people they trust.


We'll help you get the right systems and processes in place so you business becomes a money-making-machine, completely automated!


Once you have the ideal avatar identified, the messaging clear and the right product or service to sell, it's time to open the floodgates and let the world know about you.


With the right systems in place is time to give even more value that will continue to re-enforce the know, like and trust factor, that leads to more sales for you.


Not all prospects will enroll in your services or make a purchase the first time they meet you. Putting yourself at the top of their mind everyday will help bring them back.

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What if just one technique in the One-Page Client Attraction System...
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