Here’s why online courses is a great side-hustle

You know how sometimes you hear about an idea or concept and you think to yourself, “Why didn’t I start this sooner?”

This is one of those times…

When I first got into the course creation business I kept making excuses on why I couldn’t start.

I kept telling myself that I had all these things to learn about creating courses, and how I needed all these expensive tools and software.

Oh yeah…and that expensive mic too!

I didn’t even know where to start.

I spent weeks and months studying some of the best courses and their models on how they laid out their courses.

I listened to hundreds hours of podcasts and watched tons of videos on Youtube and read so many blog posts that my head was spinning.

Have you ever felt that way?

This kept going on until I came across an interesting fact that got me into gear to take some action…

I mean it totally opened my EYES (0-0)

Did you know that online learning and content creation is a 400 billion dollar industry?

YES I said $400 Billion Dollars!

Yep, and it keeps growing each year.

People are hungry to consume information and are eager to learn something new everyday.

If I had come across someone’s course, tutorial or even a guide on how to get started I might have saved myself a lot of time, energy and money.

Imagine you set aside 1-2 hours a night for just a couple of weeks, you pick a topic to create a product, plan it out, record it, and package it up into a pretty decent product.

You take your newly created course and put it up on your website and start marketing it.

Ok, now let’s say you put a price tag on it for $97 and only 10 people buy it.

That is a quick and easy $970 you just make with a little investment in your time each night.

Ok, now think about this.

What if you added some worksheets and an audio version to go along with your course, ultimately giving more value to your students and raised the price to $197?

Let’s take the same 10 people and they enroll in your course.

Now you just made $1,970 dollars!

WOW! Simply by raising the price slightly.

Keep in mind, this is just you working part-time on this, and it works whether you are still at a full-time job or you are looking for a second income stream as an entrepreneur.

I want encourage you not to waste any time and get your little piece of the 400 billion dollar industry.

So, here’s what you should do as your action step.

Click on this link, fill out the quick form, pick a date and time to schedule 30 minutes with me, absolutely at no cost to you.

Let’s have a quick chat on Skype and figure out a way together to get your side-hustle working for you.

Looking forward to chatting soon.