Why you don’t have time to be an entrepreneur

If you’re working full-time and trying to transition into entrepreneurship, I completely understand that you have a limited number of hours to build a business.
One thing I have to ask you is, How bad do you want this for yourself?
If you answered that you really want to become that entrepreneur that you dream of becoming then let me share with you the one thing that is stopping you.
It’s YOU.
Using the excuse that you don’t have time because you are working a full-time job and that you have a family, and you have this and that, blah, blah, blah.
I totally get it. We are all busy. Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are busy and have the same 24 hours that you have.
The difference, however, is that these successful millionaires and billionaires have a simple secret.
They know how to prioritize the tasks they need to get done each day in order to achieve the goals and dreams that they want. To do this, they make sacrifices because their goals and dreams are bigger and more important to them than the other things than occupy their day.
So how do you get more hours in your day so you can build your fortune?
It’s simple. But first, you have to commit to trying it.
Here are just a few things you can do to get back more time in your day.
1. Reduce or eliminate spending useless time browsing on social media. There is nothing wrong with social media, but it is a huge time waster. You can get caught in a vicious funnel of stories, updates and endless cat videos that will consume precious hours that you could have been using to build your business and moving you closer to your goals.
2. Reduce or stop watching useless TV shows and television marathons that focus on keeping you engaged and provide absolutely no value to your mind or your pocket. This is just another area where you will easily lose 2-3 hours a day, which equates to almost 14-21 hours per week!!!!
3. Waking up earlier or staying up late would be another suggestion I could make. If you have to get to work at 7 am, why not get up at 6 am and work on doing something that moves you even one step closer to your financial or business goals. If you can’t wake up an hour earlier, try even 30 minutes earlier. Perhaps even stay up late for another if you are not really a morning person. Do both if you really want to try to hustle and pick up a couple hours a day to work on your business.
4. Set realistic goals for your business. If you set a goal of let’s say, making $100k by next month and this is your first business, then you are setting yourself up to fail. Set a realistic goal that gives you an easy “win”, something that is achievable. For example, get 5 new email leads, talk to 2 new prospects each day, make at least one sale this week, etc.
5. If you take the train, ride your bike, walk or even take the bus, use the travel time to invest in yourself and turn it into business development time! Listen to audio books or educational and entrepreneurial podcasts. Even 30-60 minutes of listening to something educational will help you develop your mind, your mindset and you may even pick up on a few gems that you can use in your business.
I hope these few tips give you some insight and realization that time is precious and that it really cannot be used as an excuse anymore.
I want you to prioritize yourself and your business goals and build a business for you and your family that you can be proud of.
I would love to hear about your commitment to yourself and let me know in the comments below which of the tips shared above you are going to try today?