Have you wondered why your business isn’t making money as fast as it could?

Think about this for a moment, new entrepreneurs create a new product, service or offering and won’t release it to the public until they feel that it’s perfect, has all the features that they think a customer wants, making sure the size and color is just right, and the right logo has been selected etc.

We’ve all been there and by the time we get around to finally launching or releasing the product, the entrepreneur has lost excitement and passion for their new product or service and decides to move on to something new the cycle starts all over over again.

So how do you overcome this perfectionism?

Maybe if you have an idea and get it released when it’s 75-80% complete, you’ll build traction and get feedback immediately on your product and quickly figure out what adjustments are needed in order to make a better and improved product that your customer will love.

Another benefit you experience is that you’ll also know quickly if the product is a flop and focus on either improving or dropping the business idea and work on something new.

In other words:

Fail fast and fail often so you can experience success a lot sooner.

Faisal Farooqui