Create A Digital Product Business In Just 27 Days With
The "Digital Espresso" Blueprint

Learn how to build a own profitable online business without the hassle of inventory or shipping like physical products have!

How would you like to learn the steps to make a profit propeller and launch your own online business in under 30 days?

Dear friend,

Imagine, you could start a website…

...and know exactly the thing to sell, who to sell it to, and how much to sell it for.

Imagine your customers, are from everywhere around the world, and they’re desperate to get their hands on YOUR stuff.

Imagine your customers are awake while you’re sleeping, and they’re on your site, and they’re buying.

Also, imagine, there’s no overhead to pay, no employees to manage, no inventory to process, and no packages to ship.

And do you want to know the best part?

Your friends are dying to know how you’re making money from NOTHING but the...

...Creative, Clever Ideas in Your Head!

I know online business is not news to you.

You’re obviously reading this message because you’ve tried your hand at selling products online.

Maybe you’ve done a little Amazon…

...or Ebay, or Shopify.

Maybe you haven’t yet. (That's OK)

Either way, what I’ve found is that many people just starting online are getting into business models that are unnecessarily HARD to make money with. Like, Big eCommerce.

The problem with Big eCommerce is the underlying retail model. Retail is one of the hardest things to become profitable with, unless you’re a major wholesale buyer (think Walmart) and you can get a heckuva lotta customers. 

In retail, three things affect your profitability the most:

  • The costs associated with sourcing, transporting, and selling the product.
  • Your buying power -- if you can get a larger shipment, you can get a cheaper wholesale price, so you can make more per unit sold.
  • And your cheapest competitor’s selling price.

THAT'S the nature of retail.

People are looking for the cheapest deal and the biggest discount. If you’re not able to offer it, you’re not going to get many customers or profit in any serious way.

This is why so many people starting with Big eCommerce are burned out long before they make a single sale.

But what if you could create your own product?

A product that has no existing competition dictating what it should sell for?

What if it only takes 27 days to create such a product?

And what if, it costs nothing to source, produce, or ship?

Every dollar you sell for is pure profit!

Does that sound good to you?

What if you could start an online business with just less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day?

Five years ago, the bills were pilling up, credit cards were getting maxed out and the bonuses and raised stopped coming in.

Our company was having massive lay-offs and people were losing their jobs.

Was I going to be next?

How would I explain this to my wife? My 7 year old daughter?

I did'n't want to be the one to break the news if I had to come home because I lost my job.

Fast forward five years later, my fear became a reality.

The company I worked for had another round of massive layoffs and I was one of the unfortunate ones to lose my job.

People always tell us that we should have car insurance, health insurance, dental insurance...heck even LIFE insurance.

But the one type of insurance no one talks about is JOB INSURANCE!

The job market these days has been insane! 

It's taking people anywhere from 2 to 10 months to land a job!

Why would anyone put themselves through that stress and headache?

Fortunately for me, about that time I had been diving deep into the online space and learned about difference business and models that I could learn and try on my own.

I wanted to find a business that I could start that would be a good fit for me. Something that wasn't a big investment and a business that would work off of my strengths and what I had passions for.

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for lifetime..."

There was one business that really resonated with me.

I didn't have to really buy anything other than a domain name and some hosting space for my website.

I already had my computer and an internet connection.

During my journey I had to read blog posts, watch videos, buy some courses just to get a good understanding of where I can find my footing.

But it was staring my right in the face!

Why couldn't I create my own online course that I could record and package it up into my very own product?

I could put together a simple step by step set of videos that would help people take what they already know and have stored in their heads...and help them provide a solution to their customer's problems?

So that's exactly what I did!

I took what I learned, created some slides and recorded my videos to help my clients create their own online digital products.

  • Design your own "Job Insurance" policy -  Call it what you want: A second career, a second job, a side-hustle, side-gig...whatever. Having "job insurance", ensures all your eggs are not in one basket.
  • Start with as little as $100. - With just a few online tools, a laptop and an internet connection is pretty much all you need
  • Monetize the knowledge you already have. - There are thousands of people on the internet that need help solving problems that you might already have the knowledge for. Now you can help more people in a fraction of the time. 
  • Create your product once, unlimited supply. - No need for any inventory, shipping, packaging or any other non-sense that goes along with physical products. Your products are all digital, which means they live and get shipped digitally and can be sold over and over again for years!
  • Rinse and Repeat - Once you've learned the skills and strategies of building your own digital products, you can create more products with different topics that appeal to more audiences.

"Digital products are created once and can be sold over and over again!" - Faisal "The Digital Products Guy" Farooqui

Let me introduce you to:
“The Digital Product Espresso”

The Digital Products Espresso is the only video training you need to quickly learn how to create your own digital products in any niche so you can sell over and over again for pure profits!

The Digital Products Espresso includes 30 videos packed into just 5 modules so you can review them over and over again as many times as you need and create unlimited products for your online digital empire!

How cool is that?

Here's what you'll get...

($997 Value)

  • Learn how to Create World-class Content & Use the right Content Mediums
  • Understand the different Learning Management Systems and which one is best for your business
  • Learn about Pricing strategies for your product
  • Understand Student Management and how to keep your them engaged for success
  • Learn about Marketing and Student Growth for your new product

BONUS #1: Bonus Video: How to avoid undervaluing your course ($197 Value)

BONUS #2: PDF: Over 50 100 online course ideas to get you started ($297 Value)

BONUS #3: Instant global community of other digital product moguls (Priceless Value)

The Total Digital Product Espresso IsValued at $1491, but...

Your Total Investment Is Only $97 (one-time)

Start Building A Digital Empire Now!

For One Easy Payment of $197  $97



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"As someone who's looking into different online businesses, I've come across many people who offer similar services to Faisal, but have met no one who has been so empathetic towards my situation, and humble despite his expert knowledge and experience, answering my questions and addressing the doubts, and getting me a business idea in seconds."


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"Thank God! I felt stuck with my blog and digital product plans without knowing what to do next. Faisal guided me to create a clear road map and helped me to understand all the steps. He has the deep expertise and knowledge to guide you to next steps at any stages of your digital journey. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a mentor in this field."


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App Developer.



100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you after going through the video guide and following it step by step and can't create your first digital product over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

But you must take action today.

Every minute and every dollar you spend WITHOUT these strategies could be wasted time, energy, and revenue.

I want something better for YOU.

Investing in you, as a business owner, is our highest calling.

Which is why we're making this Digital Product Espresso (and all the bonuses) available to you at a massive discount.

We’re shouldering the cost and the risk for you. You have nothing to lose.

This guide is a MUST-HAVE training for anyone who wants to create a great online digital product empire!

Is the Digital Product Espresso Right For Me?

Do you have experience in selling information products you’ve created?

This video guide is not designed for you. It is intended for beginners.

Specifically, it is for people who have yet to create and sell their first info product and want the most straightforward route to getting paid. As such, we’re not creating any complex, high-ticket products that can fetch more than $250 each.

A very common error, even experienced people make, is they invest a great amount of up-front time and effort into creating products they guess there is a market for, but they’re wrong. No one buys and that is disappointing.

With the Digital Product Espresso approach, we’ll figure out if there is a market for the information you have to share, and if there’s a need in the first place.

Are there people out there looking for it?

Are they spending money?

How much are they willing to pay?

These are all important questions to answer BEFORE you put any time into building a product...and we answer them efficiently in the early part of the Digital Product Espresso training.

Chances are, if you’ve successfully sold a product you created, you already know how to research a market need and satisfy it. So you should not attend the Digital Product Espresso.

Do you believe you DO NOT have specialized knowledge about any topic?

If so, then unfortunately i cannot help you.

For the Digital Product Espresso method to work, you have to have some kind of monetizable knowledge.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or anything like that. But, some kind of knowledge.

Do you know how to bake muffins or cakes?

Are you really artistic or take amazing photos?

Do you know a lot about cars or do you play a competitive sport?

Are you a two-time mother who’s survived the ordeal?

Have you got a knack for getting good deals on electronics?

These are some ideas for knowledge that could be worth money. My firm belief is that EVERYONE has some kind of specialized knowledge, unique to them and their own experiences, that others would pay money for.

But if you are so unimaginative and cannot think of anything that you know well, which might be worth money...i’m sorry i can’t help.

Of course, included in the videos, I’ll share a few exercises you can do to help you find inspiration and ideas. Actually, this is a key step in the Digital Product Espresso.

It’s just that some people i’ve done the exercise with are so down on themselves, even with the exercises, they’re unable to think of ONE THING they feel they’re really good at.

So before you hit the button to enroll, i want you to ask yourself, “Do i believe i have some knowledge, experience, or answers others might want to hear?” And if you cannot think of even one thing you’re confident about--maybe this product isn’t for you.

Is your specialized knowledge patented, classified, or bound by some kind of Non Disclosure Agreement?

Unfortunately, the Digital Product Espresso is designed to help you spread knowledge, not keep it secret. So if what you’re thinking to share is protected by law, then it’s probably not yours to begin with.

Now this may not be a huge deal for you--but the Digital Product Espresso method is not just about creating a product.

You will also see how to spread the word about your product, sell it, and collect payment for it.

In order to do these natural functions of an information-selling business, you will need to use 3rd party service providers who will dictate rules to protect themselves from legal issues created by their clients.

So if sharing the information you want to share breaks any kind of law, then it will certainly not be allowed by the service providers you need to promote it and collect money for it.

Because the vast majority of my students are NOT trying to sell any classified information, i do not provide work-arounds for any illegal knowledge sharing. At least not in this product :)

You’re free to join, of course. I will not judge you for the nature of product you want to create and cannot prevent you from using my method for it. But please understand that my methods for promoting and selling products built with the Digital Product Espresso are intended for legal, straight-edged, plain-jane, every-day kind of info products.

So, if you’re intending to sell protected information or information that is not yours in the first place to share--you and I would both be happier if you did not attend.

Do you have a “zero” business budget?

If so, there are serious limits to what the Digital Product Espresso can help you do.

Don’t get me wrong, you can have a VERY small starting budget--$100 perhaps. But anything smaller is gonna be very hard to work with. Unless you’re extremely resourceful and imaginative.

See, creating a product with the Digital Product Espresso doesn’t have to cost a single cent.

However, depending on your particular situation, you may need to buy software or subscribe to a paid service somewhere in between creating a product, collecting money for it, and delivering it. Often there is a free or very cheap option and i will definitely share that with you in this training.

But you have to remember, an online business is STILL a business. And it will require some investment on your part of either money or time or both.

And i’m not talking about just this class.

But long-term, you should have a plan for how you intend to finance your online business.

If i’m totally transparent about it, i don’t hold out much hope for someone who says they want to build an online business but they don’t have a job, savings, or any other source of finance. These dreams are not built overnight--i certainly didn’t get to where i am today by paying for a single 27 day class and nothing else ever again.

You pay for training, tools, marketing, and amazingly sometimes even people!

That’s the nature of business.

And while i wish there was such a demonstration as the Digital Product Espresso when i first started building my online empire, i cannot in good conscience tell you that it would have given me the ability to earn a full-time income without any more learning or work. It certainly would have helped cut my learning curve significantly…

But let’s be realistic here.

If you’re going to have to sell the shirt off your back to attend this class, and you have no other money to build a business with--you should probably decline this offer and go sort out your life first. The Digital Product Espresso cannot solve those kind of problems.

Ready To Build Your Online Empire? Enroll Now!

Invest in yourself and learn how you build a digital product empire!


"In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.” - Peter Drucker

If You've Read This Far, You Owe It To Yourself

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one idea in the Digital Product Espresso...

helps you turn your business into a profit-generating machine that gives you and your family financial freedom for life?

What if just one strategy in the Digital Product Espresso...

helps you finally breakthrough and begin reaching hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers?

What if just one technique in the Digital Product Espresso...

helps you free up 4-7 more productive hours per week? What impact will that have on your relationships, your profits, your joy?

What would those changes realistically be worth to you over a lifetime? $2,000....$10,000...$25,000...or more?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't miss your chance to finally living the life your've been dreaming of.

- Faisal Farooqui

P.S.: The longer you wait to make a decision the longer it will take for you to get your online business up and running. The dirty secret to real online success comes from taking rapid and massive action on everything new that is learned.

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