How to claim back precious time when growing your business

Invest a little time up front to get the pieces in place so you can get even more time back in the end and do more higher valued tasks ($100+) that are worth more to you and your business than the basic manual stuff ($10/hour tasks) that drain your energy.

Your income isn’t guaranteed

20 years ago, one evening, my parents had gone out for a few hours and came back with a big box. The box was a gift for me for graduating. That gift contained in this box eventually helped mold my path for a career and passion in life. What was it? It was a brand …

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7 Reasons You’ll Love the New Facebook Groups App

Did you know over 700 million people use Facebook groups every month?!Wow!But I understand why — because Groups are useful for everything from marketing to keeping up with classmates.And Facebook’s new groups app makes groups even more powerful. It’s basically Groups on the go!… Sweet!Can I just say — this app is amazing! via 7 Reasons I Love the …

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