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You've made it this far.... now is not the time to celebrate however.

My name is Faisal Farooqui.

I've made it my personal mission to help people build their brands online, get more clients and have a business they love... what does this even mean?

It means that YOUR success is MY success. That's right, I want to assist you along your journey on the road of BUSINESS STRATEGY, SUCCESS AND GROWTH.

You see over the last few years I've discovered every way how to NOT be successful in business so that YOU don't have to. Now, I've found proven formulas that will work for virtually anyone!

Why don't I say everyone you might ask? It's simple. There are those who say they want to be successful and those who ACTUALLY want to become successful!

This form is created to weed out the SERIOUS business owners from the wannabes.

Which one are you?


​What Others Are Saying About Me!


​"Faisal has been instrumental in helping me form a strategy for better engaging my audience. As a result of this, it helped my brand establish authority much better and faster than would normally be expected. I owe alot to Faisal's insight and can't wait to get more ideas from him. A word of note. He will really push you out of your comfort zone, but if you want big results, you have to have a big push."

​Khuram Malik


“​I have been struggling with my business over the last few months. I had a conversation with Faisal and he quickly manged to identify things that I doing wrong and gave me invaluable ideas and tips.

Thank you so much Faisal for all your help.”

​Mahfuz Yousif


​"​I have known him throughout my entrepreneurial journey and even without ever having met him, his wisdom, skill and robust business mind rubs off on me everyday. I can't think of a better person to blow one's business endeavours out of the stratosphere in the world of cyberspace. Elitism at its best."

​Ali Ash


“​I tried so many things when I was trying to build my brand and get exposure and was struggling to get traction. You have been a great deal of help when I was in process of creating my clients' brand and public image. You also help me solve some of the critical issues with social presence and visibility. You are definitely a highly valuable mentor who has made me see my brand like no other.”

​Farhan Syed

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