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My name is Faisal Farooqui.

I’ve made it my personal mission to help people build their brands online, get more clients and have a business they love… what does this even mean?

It means that YOUR success is MY success. That’s right, I want to assist you along your journey on the road of BUSINESS STRATEGY, SUCCESS AND GROWTH.

You see over the last few years I’ve discovered every way how to NOT be successful in business so that YOU don’t have to.

Now, I’ve found proven formulas that will work for virtually anyone!

Why don’t I say everyone you might ask?

It’s simple. There are those who say they want to be successful and those who ACTUALLY want to become successful!

This application has been designed to weed out the SERIOUS business owners from the wannabes.

Which one are you?


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Intake Application
Serious Entrepreneurs Know That There Are Investments To Be Made In Business & In Life. (It takes money to make money) Do You Understand This? If So, How Much Are You Willing To Invest Into This Coaching Program For Your Own Education and To Become My Next Success Story?
If my application is accepted, I promise to act with integrity, fulfill my obligations, keep my word, and take full responsibility for my personal success and business.

His business approach also includes the effective usage of online marketing, advertising and learning materials / digital products; a sphere that most coaches do not harness within their programs because they do not have the depth of understanding and proven results in the area.
Ali Ash
If anyone needs any business advice or guidance then I strongly recommend contacting Faisal Farooqui. I'm still buzzing from an amazing life-changing call I had yesterday. His knowledge and experience in business shines through and he never holds back from giving tonnes of value
Nabila Ahmed
I entered the call with Faisal looking for clarity and focus with my business. Throughout the call, Faisal listened, gave me honest feedback and came up with lots of great ideas and suggestions. Alhamdulilaah lots for me to think about and I definitely feel I have a clearer direction now. JazakhAllaah for your time and great advice!
Hafsa Adham