10 mobile apps you need to maintain your productivity

I have an app addiction. Whether it’s on the computer, my tablet or mobile phone.

Today I want to focus on my mobile apps that I use on an almost daily basis.  Sure, there are thousands of apps in the App Store and the Google Play store, but after doing quite a bit of downloading, research and testing to find the right apps, here is what I ended up with:

I use these apps for both personal and business use and not ranked in any particular order.

1. Todoist. I am a list junkie. I have tried so many to-do and task list apps over the years and found my favorite that I have been using for the past year. I love it! It has tons of customization of lists and tags.

With Todoist, you can create lists within lists, color code, tag, create filters and more. It seamlessly integrates on ANY mobile device, computer, browser, etc. Its perfect if you want your list with you no matter where you are. This might be my favorite app.

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2. CloudMagic. I have searched high an low for a good application that will handle my email with good performance and that will work good with Microsoft Exchange. Sure, the built in app on Android could handle it but I felt like it had limited functionality.

CloudMagic is fast, customizable and has a fast search function so I can search my mailbox in a flash. I can also add multiple mailboxes and also have a unified mailbox view in case I want to see all my 5 email accounts in one view. This app integrates with other apps such as Todoist and Evernote as well!

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3. Evernote. Ah, Evernote. Who hasn’t heard of this app? It is my go to app for note taking and saving important information that I want available to me at any time. I can take pictures of documents, whiteboards, signs, receipts, save webpages, create checklists and even share my notes with other Evernote users.

I have been using Evernote for probably about 3-4 years now. This is another one of those apps that are platform agnostic which is what I always try to look for in an app. I can use it on my mobile devices and PC and Mac computers and even my Chromebook!

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4. Pocket. I read a lot of articles and blog posts everyday. I am a knowledge junkie. Sometimes I’ll come across an article but don’t have time to read it. My solution, Pocket the article! It a type of article bookmarking app that again, is available on any platform.

If I am browsing on the web on my phone, I can easily share the article to my Pocket app and save it for later. I can then read it on my computer or tablet just by going to the Pocket website. Tagging is available too so its easier to find the articles you saved for later. If you read a lot but don’t have time to finish your articles, check this app out and I’m sure you’ll love it.

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5. Pocket Casts. If I’m not reading, I’m listening…to podcasts that is. When I’m on my way to work or alone in the car, listening to a good podcast from my favorite speakers is choice of entertainment. I have tried 3-4 different app to listen to podcasts and found Pocket Casts to be the best in features and performance as well as being able to categorize my podcasts anyway I want. I can even automate the downloads of new podcasts on WiFi and automatically delete them from my phone when I finish listening to them.

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6. Feedly. When ever I come across a good blog and I will sometimes save the website in Feedly so that it curates all the latest posts. Feedly goes out to the websites I save and downloads all the latest blog posts and makes them available to me on my app on my phone, tablet and even web browser. If I find a blog post through Feedly that I don’t have time to read, I can easily save it in Pocket too.

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7. DigiCal Calendar & Widgets. A good calendar app is hard to find, especially when you manage multiple calendars from different accounts. DigiCal offers some really good views, different colors for each calendar and has some really nice looking widgets.

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8. Google Hangouts. I use Hangouts as my choice for instant messaging my wife. She can get my messages either on her phone or her computer and so can I. I use Google Chrome with the hangouts app and can get send and receive messages from the browser too. Hangouts has a nice clean interface and its fast and easy to use. If you activate a new feature that has been added recently, you can even have Hangouts handle your SMS messages right from the same app.

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9. Pushbullet. This app I was just recently introduced to. It basically will allow me to “push” a webpage, an image or anything that I can share from my phone to my browser on my computer. Also it somewhat works in reverse too, where I can send a website I am viewing on my computer to my phone or tablet that has Pushbullet installed on it. My browser also displays any notifications, i.e. SMS messages or instant messages that come from my phone and I can easily reply to them without taking my phone out of my pocket. Pretty handy app.

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10. Pomodriodo. Here is a nice app that is basically a timer. Sometimes I have a hard time getting started on tasks, but if I load up Pomodriodo I can start and work on a task for 25 minutes and give myself a 5 minute break between the tasks. It makes it easier for me and less daunting knowing that I just have to work on it at least for 25 minutes. It works off the premise of the pomodoro technique.

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I am always trying out new apps on my Android phone, Android Nexus 7 and Apple iPad. I always try to favor apps that are platform agnostic and cloud based if possible. Hope you find some of these apps valuable and get a chance to try them out.

Question: What are your favorite apps right now?

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