How $10 and 15 minutes of my time just made my job easier

Sometimes an idea pops into your head as you’re sitting around, watching TV, browsing the Internet or even having a conversation.

Today it was scrolling through Facebook and I came across another coaches post, inviting people to book a call with him.

The URL was something like


So a little background on how I got here…

A while back, in a business mastermind, I was running, one of our members had shared an idea that I thought was brilliant.

The idea is simple, yet effective, for both me and my clients and today it popped up in my head and I thought, before I lose this thought, let me take action and make it happen.

In the past, each time I came across a prospective client that wanted to schedule some time with me, I would send them to either my website or message them a long URL that would take them to my calendar booking page.

This works, but I’m always looking for ways to improve my systems and for my clients as well.

Here’s what I did (and I suggest you do too):

I went to and bought a custom domain name, ““.

This step cost me only $10 but worth 100x to me of how easy it makes it for a prospect to book a call with me

I created an application page on my website that qualifies the prospect with certain first level criteria of people I may want to work with.

This step took me about 15 minutes to put together on my WordPress site along with Caldera Forms.

Then I forwarded my new domain name straight to the application page!

In my application:

I have configured some conditions that if met, will automatically take them to my scheduling page to book a call with me.

However, if they didn’t qualify, i.e. have no job or no money to invest in themselves, the application automagically forwards them to a page with a message that basically says that they didn’t qualify, but here are some great free resources on my website that they can enjoy.

And that’s it. It’s simple, easy to write and keeps my branding.

If you don’t have an application or booking form yet for your prospective clients, I would highly recommend getting one today.

The one I use is BookLikeABoss and I love it.

There are other calendaring apps available too such as and

I hope this triggered some ideas for you on how you might be able to simplify the process that as coaches, we use every day.