I turn your business into a client attraction machine using my 8-step program.

I help you get more traffic, leads and sales. Simple.

Now you can stop chasing after clients and make them fall head over heels for you instead.

Imagine, you just being yourself and clients approach you and asking how they can work with you. This is the beauty of having an attraction marketing strategy and automation systems in place. Smart businesses use smart marketing to maximize their return on their advertise dollar. 

Get More Traffic

Building an online presence isn’t enough. You need a constant flow of prospects that come looking for you instead the other way around.

Get More Leads

Using tried and tested lead generation and capture strategies, I’ll help you make sure nobody slips through the cracks and that you maximize ROI.

Get More Sales

With the first two ingredients in place, you’ll have the opportunity to make more sales from people that have their wallet in hand, ready to buy!

Confidential Discussion

Let’s have a candid discussion about the services you need and see if I’ll be able to help.

My really good stuff is free

I have a different approach than most experts you’ll come across, I give away 90% of my material away for free and aim to make it better than the paid stuff you’ll find. Here you’ll find several articles and posts that I’ve put together to help you in your business in some shape and form.


Hello, I'm Faisal.

I’ve always cared about technology, but a few years ago I learned that I loved internet marketing and mentoring too. That led to creating this site, mentoring 97 entrepreneurs and business owners, creating digital products, building a online tribe of over 4000 members and positioned myself as an authority and business strategist leader in my niche.

This site chronicles my journey learning to create the best digital products possible. All while teaching others to do the same.

P.S. My 8-step program is not for you if...

  • You want to spend all your time learning and trying to implement an effective lead generation and marketing strategy on your own at a small scale.
  • You are not willing to move fast or are uninterested in new and innovative tactics.
  • You would rather do it yourself (and are happy to spend the thousands of dollars in software, training to learn the software, attending industry marketing seminars and webinars every year just to keep up with the latest in trends, technology and strategies.)